What is Sistema Incline™?

It is a simple incline of the axis of the self-centering turntable that facilitates the extraction of the tyre bead from the rim, thus reducing the stress on the tyre.

What is the main innovation for this new type of tyre changer?

The most evident innovation is the incline of the rotation axis of the self-centering turntable, along with the user-friendly approach and the compact structure of the machine.

Why should I choose “Sistema Incline™” tyre changer?

For its easy-concept: user-friendly, simple functioning, streamlined design and compact structure, this tyre changer can be located in any small place, silent and completely hydraulic.

What is Tecnoservice?

It is the device that works on the tyre when the rim is put back on, keeping the tyre in the correct position by means of pressure rolls.

Why is the tooling group on “Sistema Incline™” tyre changer so peculiar?

Because all tools needed for removal and mounting of the tyre have been gathered on a single post with a double rotation that shifts vertically and it is perfectly aligned with the self-centering turntable.

Who is the maker?

Quattro Erre from Modena (northers Italy)

Why did Quattro Erre, being so far outside from this sector, decided to bet on the make of a tyre changer?

Because in its DNA, the company brings the mission to develop innovative idea and projects. "Sistema Incline" marks a generation transition in the development of this equipment, after the one occurred in 2001, with the launch of “leva la leva" system.

“Sistema Incline™” tyre changer is claimed to be 100% made in Italy. Where is it made?

The tyre changer is completely made in provincde of Modena (Italy) worldwide leading area in the automotive sector.

Besides “Sistema Incline™” tyre changer, can you supply other equipment?

We can supply the whole range needed to effectively and completely develop a tyre service garage.

What type of assistance do you supply?

All the assistance needed to grant the customer the continuity of his work without interruptions.

What is the warranty length for this tyre changer? When is it applied?

12 (twelve) months from the testing date, for any production defect.