• Tools

    Vertical shifting aligned with the self-centering turntable
    Lower and upper double bead breaker
    with two independent shiftings
    Bead breaking, removal and mounting tools
    fixed on a single shaft with two rotational axes

  • Tecnoservice

    Vertical shifting of pressure tools
    aligned and perpendicular to rotational axis

  • Tyre

    manual pressure with hydraulic clamping

  • Self-centering

    Reduced stress on the tyre
    User-friendly and quick removal of 1st and 2nd bead

Showed for the first time at 2013 Autopromotec Exhibition held in Bologna (Italy), the new and innovative tyre changer with “Sistema Incline” by Devel srl, has definitely raised the attention of many with its revolutionary approach, marking a deep change from the already existing garage equipment.

The patented “Sistema Incline”, 100% Made in Italy, is based on a very easy and innovative concept: the incline of the self-centering turntable. During the changing operations, a limited rising of the tyre facilitates the extraction of the first and second bead and reduces pressure on the tyre. This implies a big advantage in terms of strain for the operator and safety for the tyre that, with Sistema Incline, is not subject to repeated stress but gently handled throughout the process, in a less invasive way than traditional systems.

Tyre changers made by Devel S.r.l. has a number of features that upgrade their revolutionary nature:

  • TOOLING GROUP is made of a double lower and upper bead breaker with 2 independent shiftings, in a vertical movement, aligned with the self-centering turntable; bead breaking, removal and mounting tools fixed on a single post with two rotational axes.
  • TECNOSERVICE allows vertical shifting of the pressure tools.
  • TYRE CLUMPING with a gentle manual pressure and hydraulic clumping.

The range of the equipment offered by Devel S.r.l. also include “LEVA LA LEVA” system based (optional) or automatic tyre changers and different models of balancers and other products.